On this page, I have placed several pictures of murals done on location in Florida, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York. I hope you enjoy them. Of course, a picture can't really replace experiencing the murals in person, so I encourage you to visit them if you can. Many of my murals are in public places.

Time Square
Beach Scene Mural
A mural is a painting done directly on the wall. It comes from the Latin word murus, which means wall. Murals often show the concerns, hopes, values and memories of the community where the murals are painted.

Professional murals by Demolli Fine Art Studio are more than interior decoration flourishes. Don't commission a mural just to add value and decor to a house. Commission a mural as an investment like any other investment..

  • Mural Statement

Murals are not like other paintings. They have a different purpose, a different kind of effect on the lives of those who see them. They are public art in the best sense, because they are actually created in public, with the community looking on. Good public art says something about the community. It says, this is who we are or, this is what we think, this is where we came from, this is what we want. And it says these things in a way that everybody can understand and enjoy.

  • The Art of Murals

commission the mural of your dreams today! Simply measure your walls and contact Demolli Fine Art Studio. 407.600.1513

Demolli art believes everyone should have fine art in their home. You can own an original painting, even a custom portrait.

Whether you want to create the effect of stucco or aged wall paper, we can work with you to create a magical ambiance.

Bring intrigue and depth to your ceiling. Clouds, decorative motifs, and murals can be painted on the ceiling.

  • Backdrop Murals

  • The Art of Painting Walls

Naval Scenic Backdrop
Scenic Backdrops by Artist Jesse Demolli
Demolli Art Studio can create theatrical backdrops on site or off and install them ready for your event. Backdrop murals are lightweight and easy to install.

  • Window Art

Window Art

Museum Murals
Demolli Fine Art Studio creates murals for museums, zoos, and attractions. He is experienced in dramatic murals, dioramas, scenic construction, historic depictions, and thematic backdrops. Jesse Demolli works well in a fast paced, high output environment.
Historic Murals
Decorate your building or business with historic scenes of the past. Artist Jesse Demolli brings historic photos to life, painting the past in living color. Enhance your office, museum, or public space with echos of the past
Nostalgic Murals
Make a statement about your heritage, recall a favorite place, honor your hometown or its histiry. Demolli Fine Art Studio specializes in painting vistas and communities both historic and contemporary.
Children's Murals

Your child deserves the best art to celebrate his creative interests. Demolli Art Studio offers unique art work, neither stenciled nor stamped, all free hand custom designs.

  • In The News

MILLVILLE -- As part of its series of workshops on Italian traditional arts and crafts, The Down Jersey Folklife Center at Wheaton Village will present a two-day workshop on fresco painting with Jesse Demolli.....

Artist Jesse Demolli paints a landscape mural of the Pinelands and Great Bay at the Tuckerton seaport Museum Saturday...

Artist Jesse Demolli considers himself a people person, which is why he enjoys painting murals that reflect the lives and culture of the people who view his work...

Artist Jesse Demolli, of Barnegat, returned to finish a mural in the yatch club at the Tuckerton Seaport on Wednesday....

I've traveled a lot and I've seen a lot of great countries," says Demolli, whose specialty is murals. And I find out that America is one of the greatest countries in the world.

ST. MICHAELS - Jesse G. Demolli was just trying to cross the street. But before he had made it from Carpenter Street to Yesteryear's, he had been offered a job. Then another one. Then a third...

Mural of Golden Temple of Amritsar, Farfax Station, Virginia

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