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Demolli Art
Historic scenes of the past painted on the wall
The spirit of America echos through its historic architecture and landscapes.
Good public art and historic murals celebrate these dynamic vistas and the endeavors of the people who created them. From historic train stations to coastal boardwalks; Jesse Demolli has always been inspired by America’s history and culture and his historic murals reflect the stunning beauty of the land of the free

Long Branch
Historic Scene of Long Branch boardwalk, Long Branch NJ.
Pencil Sketche, Historic Manhattan

The culture of America is evident in the historic architecture of its cities, towns and communities. These scenes daily inspire artist Jesse Demolli.

Decorate your building or business with historic scenes of the past.
Artist Jesse Demolli brings historic photos to life, painting the past in living color. Enhance your office, museum, or public space with echos of the past.

  • Historic Mural samples
Make a statement about your heritage, recall a favorite place, honor your hometown or its history. Demolli Fine Art Studio specializes in painting vistas and communities both historic and contemporary.

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